First Love – Part 3

Next day I went to Hastings Campus to see her. Her class was from 1:00 p.m. to 2:30 p.m. I arrived at 1:45 p.m. I was waiting for her in the lounge and thinking whether I should go to her class to say good-bye to her, as she asked me to do. While I was pondering it over, somebody was walking out a classroom as large as life. It was Gerardo again. As soon as he recognized me sitting on a sofa, he approached me, “Hey Shogo, are you waiting for Clarissa? I’m taking a leak and coming back soon. Don’t go anywhere, wait for me, okay?” He came back and sat down beside me, “I don’t need to go back to the class, you know. I want to talk with you since you’re leaving tonight.” “Gerardo, you know, she asked me to visit her classroom during the class to say good-bye to her in front of her classmates. But I don’t want to go there because it’s quite embarrassing and a bit romantic. This isn’t my way and line, you know. What should I do, my friend?” “Shogo, you shouldn’t go to the class, but you must wait for her and ask her to go somewhere to talk with her again. Tell me why you’re going to Montreal because I don’t understand you. She is so beautiful and loves you so much. Why are you leaving her? She told me that she is very sad because of you. She doesn’t want you to leave – it’s obvious. Of course, she didn’t ask you to stay here directly, but I guess you know how she’s feeling.” “Of course, I know she wants me to stay here with her. Gerardo, I decided to go to Montreal before I met her and thought it would be a good experience for me to live in the different city. But I am not sure anymore. I love her so much and really don’t want to leave. I guess I am scared of being in love with her so deeply. Anyway, it’s too late now because I’ve already organized everything for Montreal.” “Shogo, let me tell you something. Every guy is jealous of you because you always have Clarissa. Many guys in this school want to ask her out because she is extremely beautiful, but they have no chance because of you. Many guys don’t like you because you are her boyfriend. She never talks to another guy, you know, she only talks to you and only goes out with you. She really loves you and is faithful to you. Of course, you are my friend, so I am on your side, but once you’re gone, many guys will start asking her out, I am very sure. It isn’t good for you to leave her alone here. Do you think she’ll be waiting for you until you come back? You have to think about it over again. You know, I really think you must stay here with her and me. You are my good friend. I’ll miss you, too, man, if you really go to Montreal. You have everything in Vancouver. You don’t need to go there. Cancel everything immediately and stay here with us. I can’t force you to stay here, of course, but I really suggest you must consider it over again. Don’t forget, you are lucky to have her, my friend!” “Thanks, Gerardo. You are a very good friend. But I really don’t know what I am supposed to do. Of course, I love her so much, but part of me is thirsting to have a new experience. Anyway, I’ll take her somewhere to talk about it again. The last English Bay, perhaps? Ha-ha-ha….” Here lessons were finished and students were streaming from the classrooms. “Shogo, there is Clarissa! Go, talk to her again. Good luck and see you again, man!”

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