First Love – Part 2

The second incident was that I went dinner with Clarissa the night before my departure for Montreal. I still do not understand to this day why I decided to go to Montreal when everything was flourishing, and I was happy in Vancouver with the beautiful girlfriend as well as good friends. The spirit of being a wanderer is in my blood, perhaps? We went to have dinner at a Japanese restaurant and went to English Bay to amble around. We had a very good night, and it was a time for her to catch a bus, so we went to Granville Street and sat on a bench waiting for the final bus. Suddenly, she said, “Look over there, Shogo. There is your friend.” Gerardo was just sailing out of Roxy with a high spirit. As soon as he saw me, he marched toward me, “Hey Shogo, how are you? Hello Clarissa. What are you doing here?”

“We’re waiting for the bus. Next will be the last bus for her.”

“Where have you been?”

“We went a Japanese restaurant and English Bay,” I replied.

“Clarissa, did you enjoy tonight?” he asked.

“Yes, I enjoyed very much. I love being with him. But I am very sad because he’s going to Montreal tomorrow.”

“Shogo, you have to take care of her, okay? You have to stay with her until her bus comes. I’ll leave you, guys, alone to enjoy the last night.”

Drunken Gerardo never left us alone as he suggested, he was jabbering too much and had stayed with us until she was gone. He apologized, “Sorry, man. I really wanted to let you be alone with her, and this wasn’t my intention to hinder you, believe me, Shogo. But I just couldn’t stop talking, you know, because you are my friend. Please don’t be mad at me. Clarissa told me that you’ll see her again tomorrow before going to the airport. Talk to her tomorrow to your heart’s content. Can I stay at your apartment tonight? I am too tired to go back to my homestay. Let’s go, man. I am starving.”

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