Everlasting Friendship.

He was seventeen years old when I met him the first time in Vancouver. We had been attending the same language school. ILSC is the name of school. It was the first of September when we became classmates. It was the extraordinary incident, since we had already talked to each other animatedly as though we were boyhood chums and planned to go to Cambie Pub on Friday night, notwithstanding it was our first meeting. We always went Cambie Pub every Friday after school; it had become our tradition. The most incredible thing was that he was always there magically for my most important events. I still cannot believe to this day how come he had always showed his presence at the right time and at the right place in every crucial incident. I really think that it was the God’s plan for us to come to Vancouver the same year, so that we could build our everlasting friendship. I really think that we are destined to be friends; it was ineluctable because it was written by the invisible hand.

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