Are You Becoming A Coward Again?

I have been in Mexico for three days now. I am living in Condesa. We are three people at the apartment, Gerardo, Andrea, and me. Andrea is our roommate. She is as pretty as Gerardo triumphantly said and is a nice person. She accepted me staying at the apartment as long as I need and promised to support me in finding a job. It seems to me that everything is getting along smoothly and that whole universe is helping me to succeed in my new adventure.

Gerardo informed me, with his indulgent smile while we were driving to the apartment from the Mexico City Airport, “Shogo, Andrea is so beautiful. You’ll see her very soon. I am in love with her.”

“What? You are in love again? Are you serious on this time?”

“I don’t know, man, because I’ve never asked her out, so I don’t know about her very well. I should go out with her several times before I completely let myself fall for her. I suppose I like her very much, but I first have to know about her better.”

“Idiot, why have you never asked her out? It’s easy for you to invite her somewhere now because you’ve been living with her under the same roof. How long have you been living together?”

“Just three months, man. And she has a boyfriend right now. That’s why I’ve never asked her out. That’s why, my friend. I’m waiting for my chance!”

“What? You’ve been living with her under the same roof for three months and never made any move? Oh my God, are you becoming a coward again? Who cares if she has a boyfriend or not? If she were a married vagina, it would be totally different matter. My advice is that you should ask her out as soon as possible, man.”

“Just wait, man! You’ll see my courage soon. It’s easy for me to ask her out. Very easy indeed. I’m just waiting for the right moment to execute my mission, ha-ha-ha….” Such is my best friend Gerardo.

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