Advanced Technology Only Makes Life More Complicated

The gentleman shifts languages and talks to me in English, “I am very much fond of Japanese. Tokyo is the most expensive city to live around the world. Japan has the best technology and has produced the most advanced technology in the world as well. I really respect Japan in every way. Also, Japan is very beautiful country. I saw on TV that exquisite skyscrapers are everywhere in Tokyo, and they are beautifully illuminated in the night. It must be wonderful to live in Japan.”

Here I feel obliged to interrupt him, “I didn’t know Tokyo is the most expensive city to live in around the world. I thought it was London. Anyway, you’re right about the technology. Yap, Japan has the most advanced technology, that I admit; however, you’d better know it has been degenerating Japanese shamelessly. If you have an opportunity to visit Japan, you will see Japanese people’s depraved behaviors, with gadgets everywhere. When I was in Japan, I couldn’t see my own countrymen’s visible depravities, without being blushed with humiliation. If Japan was the wonderful country as you said, I wouldn’t come here to start a new life in the first place. Don’t you think so?”

The gentleman is visibly astonished at my remarks, “Oh well, maybe, I’ve never been to Japan, so naturally, I don’t know exactly what Japan is like. I don’t know whether Japanese have been corrupted by advanced technology, as you explicated, but my image of Japan is pretty good though. Also I don’t know whether advance technology is a bad thing for Japanese either. In my opinion, great technology makes the world better place, don’t you agree with me?”

“Maybe, it makes it convenient to live though,” I reply contemplatively, “what I’m trying to say here is too much technology has the power to dwindle people’s mental state. Just look at how your praised technology has made people lunatic nowadays. If the purpose of advanced technology was improvement solely for human living conditions, I would say you are absolutely right to praise it. However, mad people have been using the advanced technology to make nuclear weapons to kill fellow men all over the world for decades. You can’t deny this transparent fact, can you? Moreover, because of advanced technology, a number of advanced crimes have occurred all over the world also. When people invent more advanced technology, more advanced crimes will occur all over the world simultaneously. It is inevitable, so to speak. And then more policemen will be busy chasing criminals and racking their brains to solve out intricate problems. I suppose advanced technology only makes life more complicated. We have been living in the insane world – if I think about the world conditions seriously, I will be out of my mind.”

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