It’s A Lofty Feeling to Work Under the Sun

A bright smile is spreading on his face, and he utters joyfully, “You know, Shogo, the first time I talked to you, I felt so comfortable. Before I met you, I couldn’t be true myself to anyone and couldn’t talk with anyone freely about what was in my mind. You know, those stupid guys out there, but you are so similar to me. We are the same kind, Shogo. I can talk to you freely everything under the sun; I feel so comfortable to talk with you always; I can be true myself with you all the time. I always feel being alive with you. Do you understand what I’m talking about or you’re just saying ‘Yes’ to everything that I’ve said?”

I am nodding in order to let him know that I have perfectly understood what he has said: “Go on Jorgito. I feel the same way as you do.”

“Shogo, I really think God has put you in my life, so that I can understand I’m not alone feeling in this particular way on this earth. You know, this is a very good feeling to know someone utterly thinks the same way as I do. You’re right – maybe, we don’t have money as ordinary people who never take a risk, but we’ve had extraordinary experiences in our lives. Likewise, I’ve been in many countries and had marvelous experiences. Remember, Shogo, I quit the job in order to go to Canada to work as a construction worker. Everyone told me that I was dumb to throw out the good job to be a construction worker in Canada. However, these three months, I’d had the great time and incredible experiences. I had never thought I would be working as a construction worker after turning to be thirty years old. If I thought about life like mediocrities, I would never have such wonderful experiences. It’s a lofty feeling to work under the sun once in your life, you know. Oh yeah, I am grateful for being made in this way. I am truly grateful to God for everything that has happened to my life.”

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