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I went to my favorite café, where I can be at peace without being disturbed.
Whenever I want to contemplate something important, I come here. As soon as I
ordered coffee, I ascended the stairs to the second floor and found a table in
front of a transparent window to sit on there pondering over their proposals.
It is so strange that Jorgito and Ramon have offered exactly the same proposal
on the same day. I am sure that it is not just a coincidence, but it is
something. Can it be the sign from the heaven, perhaps? Who knows? But
what am I going to do once I am in Mexico? Of course, I want to write my book
there, but I have still no idea what my book is going to be like and how to
begin. I did a little sketch, but it is nothing. Moreover, I can speak only
basic Spanish, which I have never seriously learned in my past adventures in
Mexico. Their proposal sounds wonderful to me though. I had focused on going
back to Vancouver exclusively, so I had been totally blind and had been unable
to see the possibility for writing my book in Mexico.