Steep Down the Wrong Direction

Think about frivolous Japanese, they are thoroughly aimless. Wherever they are, they always look at fucking mobile phones. Even in a train, idiots play online games, send unimportant messages like possessed, talk about trivial things aloud shamelessly on a mobile phone, etc. Where can I find such dolts except Japan? I want to know! Nowhere at all, sir! Their ignorance is beyond comprehension. In Japan nobody knows of Knut Hamsun! One day I made a pilgrimage to a bookshop to determine if his books were available. But alas, they did not have them, and, with a matter of fact tone, they informed me that his books were not translated into Japanese language. What a scandal! I was outraged, because Japanese bastards do not show any proper respect for the greatest writer whose books have influenced over many great writers in history. He had to deserve better. Instead of his wonderful books, the bookstore stacks a bunch of Japanese comic books! I see everywhere, even in a toilet I am sure, that over fifty-year old dolts are carrying weekly comic magazines under their arms! No wonder no Japanese knows of Hamsun and no wonder they worship money and technology steep down the wrong direction. If they try to read Last Joy, they might be back to human beings again and might be saved. I am so ashamed at the fact that his beautiful books are nil to my own country people. I do not want to be belonged to this ignorable race!

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