The Job Interview

The following day, I went to the job interview. Tani san and Ishida san were my interviewers. Tani san was from the head-quarter office, and Ishida san would be my future boss. I vividly remember my first impression about my boss. He was as thin as a matchstick and had a face as long as a fiddle. And on top of it all, a queer aura was about him that only a virgin can possess. At the first glance, one thing was as transparent as dawn coming from east to me that he was the type of a guy who has been masturbating in all his life. He had a quality, you know, he definitely had a quality that only a virgin is able to produce. I was thinking to myself, “Dear me, I have to work under the thirty-years old virgin! What a disgrace!”

The interview was having at the main floor of the building where some chairs and tables were arranged. As soon as we greeted each other, they started explaining me what my future tasks would be. I was told that I would be working on the tenth floor of this building at where a British law firm was located. I would be assigned to work at a general office. The main task for me was that I would copy legal documents, sort mails, and help lawyers. “It’s a sort of job that one can do without brains. It’ll be convenient for me to take this trivial job, so that I’ll have enough energy to study after work,” I nodded to myself.

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