Quit My Job to Try to Live My Own Way

Summer has been passed quietly without great events except one thing. Finally, I quit my job to try to live my own way as well as Jorgito does. He sent me a triumphant message that said, “I did it, my brother! I just went to the office and said, ‘I’m quitting the job. Thank you very much for everything.’ Just like that! No more words! And then I simply left the office! I am feeling so free now. The good thing is that my health is getting better. Now I do not need to worry about my stomach anymore. I am trying to build houses in Toluca. It is not easy, however, I feel so alive, that is the main thing. Shogo, how about your illness? You have to do the same thing as me. When are you going to execute it? I sincerely wish that you will do it tomorrow!”

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