Everlasting-Quitting-Business Message

When I finished reading his message, I burst out laughing with tears in my eyes because I understand perfectly how he felt when he wrote this message. I am always happy when I receive a message from him, because it makes me realize that far away from Japan, there is a man who feels as I do, thinks about life as I do, is trapped by the society system as I am, and on top of it all, has the same illness as I do: ulcerative colitis. I just cannot believe in such coincidences. Theses similarities are signs from God, perhaps? We suffer from the same foolish daily activities due to the modern society systems and from the same illness! And a wonder that he is Mexican!

Anyway, I am thinking whether he will execute his aim on this time or not, because as a matter of fact, I am accustomed to receiving this kind of everlasting-quitting-business message from him over a month now.