Dear Readers

I am flying to Mexico and might not update new posts for a while, but I will try do my best to share my new adventure with you!

Life begins anew, all over again. Each day is a fresh new day to live and enjoy. While being on my part time job yesterday, I felt and completely re-realized that I am nothing to do with my own country and countrymen. The simple fact that I am cut off from Japan and wish I will never return. I have never wanted to return to Japan. I am completely identified with Mexico and start considering I should become Mexican citizen. Japan is like a foreign world to me. I have already become thoroughly imbued with the Mexican Spirit and way of living, don’t you know, that my own country seems very bizarre to me. I see it with Mexican eyes, and it looks awful, very terrible to me.

I am happy to fly to Mexico tonight and happy to see my Mexican friends again.

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