One’s Own Right

I just want to say to all of you here: For God`s sake, do not be coward and do not be submissive! You should fight your government and society for your own right, for we know that they are wrong and impose logical trash on us. When I was trapped in Japan, my voice was not heard, and I wanted to do a lot of things, but I was restricted by others, since in Japan mediocrities are too strong, and the herd instinct spreads out everywhere like a blanket. By Jove, I had neglected to use my own right in my life; however, for heaven’s sake, I have realized and waken up that I must fight for what I faithfully believe in and must use my right to be heard my voice, because I am not a chip of wood; I am a human being with feelings. I had suffered for a long time more than necessary, but I had endured and had not been asleep. Thank God, I have learned the most essential thing: who I am, and what I must do. I have discovered that I have only one weapon on me, but it is the strongest weapon on this earth: my pen. And even my pen is stronger than atomic bombs. I have made a sacrosanct vow to myself: I will fight for my dear life with my pen. As a matter of fact, I have written the book “Liberation – Seeking the Meaning of Life, which I exploded. I am pretty sure that my book will make a lot of commotions all over the world, but if not, I would deeply regret that I did not put enough dynamites in my book.

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