Jorge and I were having a brunch at Hurricane Grill. Jorge suddenly stopped eating and stared at the distance pensively for a few minutes. And then he came out with conviction, “You know, amigo, what I’ve been considering about? As you know, everything is wrong in this world, and there are a lot of injustices all over the world, because of society system, education, government, laws, stupid jobs, money, etc. And so far, many people have tried to remedy the situation, but nobody ever says forthrightly, ‘Stop! This is wrong. We must change it!’ Shogo, you might say that single voice is not enough, but I believe that sometimes only single voice has the power to alter the cause. And a good thing is that I have you, amigo. We must start yelling at the top of our lungs, ‘Stop nonsense and wake up, you people!’ – we must change the wrong society system. Shogo, I suggest you should begin to write a new book with this theme. And you should be screaming, ‘Stop! This is wrong. We must change it!’ in your new book.”

He took a bottle of beer from the table and drank it to quench his thirst.

“Amigo, the world is utterly wrong, as I said. What bothering my heart the most is that nowadays people only think of their own wellbeing; they are not concerned about other people. They are madly obsessed with money and power. In order to obtain them, they’ve operated unforgivable things, namely, drugs, wars, and human trafficking. And what’s more, they murder fellow men, ravage forests and jungles, contaminate rivers and oceans, and so on and so forth. For what? – accumulating wealth and power! What a bunch of sick bastards! I’m so angry, trust me, amigo, we’ve lived in the worst injustice world, that the history have unheard of hitherto. That’s why we must stand up and fight for what we believe in. Shogo, we have a very important mission; we must change the hearts of men, since we do not want to see our fellow men suffering from injustices anymore. We do not allow human beings to practice evildoings – no more injustice, no more murders, no more manipulated education, no more corrupt governments, no more human trafficking, and no more destruction of nature. And, amigo, you have a gift of writing; you have the talent to express what you feel. You can show the world how hopelessly wrong the current society is by your writing, amigo – this is a big responsibility. I’ll support you in every possible way I can and help you whatever you need. So, Shogo, please take the advantage of your writing ability, exhort that people must stop practicing injustices, and shower the seed of change all over the world! We will be sailing on this ship until we plant the seeds of change into the world!”


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