Private Destiny

I think that it is possible for everyone to go anywhere on this earth if one has the spirit of a wanderer. I regard the entire world is as my home. I belong to the world, not a particular country which is categorized: Japan, Canada, Mexico, Australia, or Norway. I belong to mankind, not to particular country, race or people. I answer to my heart and not to Japanese president, whoever he may happen to be. I am here on earth to work out my own private destiny: being a writer. And needless to say, I have the enormous faith in my mission as a writer.

I refuse to jeopardize my destiny by participating in Japanese society, which has forced me to obey narrow rules, so that I can be like everyone else. And on top of it all, I refuse to jeopardize my unique personality. I am willingly ostracized from the current practices: society, murder, prostitution, bank robbery, betrayal, atomic bomb, etc.

I know that you are busy attending hectic daily activities; however, I deliberately make myself slow down. I saunter onward, slowly and indifferently, with my hands in my pockets. Why should I hurry? It makes no difference where I am.

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